Winter Weather: Tough on Paws

Winter Weather: Tough on Paws

dog9It is that the time again; the wind is blowing, the rain is drizzling, and for some, the snow is falling. For us, it’s quite simple; we bundle up and huddle next to the fireplace or turn on the heater. But for our dogs, it’s not that simple.

Not all dogs are comfortable with the combative weather like huskies and malamutes. The winter weather is a challenge for most canines and poses several risks. But, as long as you’re knowledgeable and prepared, you can make this a worry free season for you and your dog.

Here are a few helpful tips to get your dogs through the winter season.

  • Those cold winter nights are difficult for your dog to get through, so try to stay indoors as much as possible. If you do take your dog outside, ensure that it is only for a short period.
  • Don’t leave your dog in the car. The engine may keep him/her warm, but there are still carbon monoxide risks. On the other hand, turning off the engine will drop the temperature down to an unbearable level for your dog. It is best to either leave them home or take them with you.
  • Keep your dog warm by using fresh hay or straw as an insulator. After playing in the snow, meticulously dry your dog.
  • If you take your dog out for a walk, they may acquire sore or cracked paws. There are booties that protect the paws!

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