Winter Health & Comfort Tips for Your Pet

The holidays are right around the corner, which means the temperatures are dropping and the days are becoming shorter. Whether your dog prefers to be outside during the day or you want some tips for taking your pet out safely for exercise and potty breaks, we’ve got you covered. The harsh elements of winter affect your dog just like they affect you. Extreme cold, snow and prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures are dangerous for your dog, which is why we’ve created this simple health and comfort list for you to remember this time of year. Most importantly, don’t forget to protect your four-legged friend with a comprehensive Dog Bite Liability Insurance policy.

Towel dry your dog.

This might seem excessive, but coming in from the bitter cold into a warm dry house quickly can cause dry and itchy skin for your dog. Keep a towel handy by the front and back doors to wipe his paws off. If it’s raining or snowing, run the towel over his back to get rid of excess water.

This practice is also great to remove snow, ice and ice melting chemicals from your dog’s paws. A quick swipe is all you need. It only takes a few seconds and your dog will thank you!

Avoid shaving your dog.

Never shave your dog in winter as a longer coat will provide more warmth. If your dog is long-haired, simply trim him to minimize the clinging ice balls, salt crystals and de-icing chemicals that can dry his skin, and don’t neglect the hair between his toes. If your dog is short-haired, consider getting him a coat or sweater with a high collar or turtleneck with coverage from the base of the tail to the belly. For many dogs, this is regulation winter wear, says ASPCA.

Protect their feet.

Dog’s paws are sensitive to heat and cold. If it snows in your area, consider rubbing petroleum jelly on their paw pads to relieve cracked spots. This can also prevent injury to paws from salt and other chemicals. If your dog will tolerate it, put booties on him before going out to potty or play.

Give him a place to sleep.

Pets should never sleep outdoors in freezing temperatures. You don’t have to allow him in your bed, but providing a soft place away from drafts to sleep is ideal. A dog bed or a warm blanket is all they need.

Keep an eye on your driveway.

Antifreeze is a must for vehicles this time of year, but ingesting it can be deadly to dogs. Be sure any spills are washed down immediately from your driveway to prevent Fido from getting into something he shouldn’t.

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