Why Exercise is Important for Dogs

Why Exercise is Important to Dogs

dog4There are plenty of reasons why exercise is important to dogs. People are told to exercise 20-30 minutes each day, 5-7 days a week to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Dogs are no exception—the absence of exercise may lead to behavioral and physical complications.

Dogs are resourceful, agile and obedient; as a result, they often accompany members of the police force and military branches. Their compliancy and swiftness are built through proper exercise and training.

What is the importance of exercise for dogs? What are the major benefits of exercising your dog?

Letting your dog off the leash to run through your backyard is not considered an effective form of aerobic exercise. It does not teach them proper behavioral patterns nor does it exercise every part of their body. It is very important to accompany your dog and to stay engaged throughout their exercise sessions. There are many benefits that come with proper and consistent exercise such as; fighting obesity, improving dexterity, promoting a healthy lifestyle, reducing health problems, and reducing problematic behaviors (chewing, barking, and rough play).

What are a few types of exercise?

Fortunately Florida is home to many off leash parks with water fountains and a small exercise arena equipped with obstacles to test your dog’s agility. These Orlando dog parks are often surrounded by beautiful scenery and hiking trails. A few forms of exercise include fetching, hiking, jogging, swimming, and playing. Each dog differs in how often they exercise and the types of exercise they are capable of performing. Consider your dog’s breeds, size, and age and consult your vet before applying an exercise regime.

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