So, Why Do Dogs Bite?

So, Why Do Dogs BiteIt’s an age-old question dog owners ask; especially when determining their need for Dog Bite Liability Insurance Coverage; why do dogs bite, anyway? A number of assumptions have been made over the years, including “It just depends on the breed,” or “it’s always the owners fault,” or even “It’s just because they were abused as a puppy.” While all of these could be contributors as to why a dog bites, it is rarely the sole reason and can actually be dangerous assumptions to make.

Let’s say your dog has none of these predispositions affecting them, you may think that your dog will never bite, and never think twice about getting a policy. Dog bite risks are not black and white though! Take an example from a recent client of ours; their Yorkie needed to be taken into the vet, and when the veterinarian staff came out to retrieve her they came out with a muzzle. The Yorkie panicked and proceeded to snap and lunge at everyone except the owner.

As the Yorkie’s owner explained, there is no known history of abuse of her dog, and Yorkies are not an “inherently vicious” breed; especially not a breed you see in the news in regards to dog bites. This particular owner was the second owner; the first owner had her for 18 months, much of which the dog was in a crate. So, it can be assumed that she wasn’t appropriately socialized as a puppy. But who’s really to know?

The fact of the matter is, there is no singular cause for a dog to bite. For many owners, the first time their dog bites they are just as stunned as the person who got bit! It’s vital to remember that any dog can bite, especially since their only options when in an uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or high-anxiety situation is to fight or flight, and being restrained by their owner, another person, or even a gate takes away their ability to flee.

This scenario right here is just one of many scenarios where a “good dog” can bite; and this is why every dog owner needs Canine Liability Insurance. Your dog cannot tell you if they are in fear of their life. That feeling can drive even the gentlest dog to bite. Keep in mind too, that the average cost of a dog bite is $32,000! Don’t wait; get your quote today by visiting our site at or giving us a call at (855) 534-6495.


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