When Do You Need Renters Insurance for a Dog?

When Do You Need Renters Insurance for a Dog?Are you a renter with a dog, or a renter who’s considering adding a new furry friend to the household? There are a few things you might need to consider first. You’ll need to carefully read your lease agreement and understand your property manager’s animal policies,  if dogs are permitted you should consider the damage your dog can do to the property and the potential injuries to your neighbors or visitors. Since you are held liable for your pet’s behavior, it is important that you know how you can be protected, and what you’ll need to do.

Property damages can be costly, but the major area of concern is injuries inflicted by your dog to others.  Pet liability insurance for renters is readily available so it is all the most reason to be safe than sorry. Here’s what you’ll need to know before renting with a dog.

Injury and Damage Liability Coverage

The main concern about dog induced liability involves bites or other related injuries, because your financial liability can be incredibly high compared to property damage. It is common for this coverage to be excluded from all basic homeowners and renters policies. There can also be limits to coverage, and many insurance companies will deny you coverage depending on the breed of dog you own.  Therefore, if you own a dog it is in your best interest to obtain adequate pet liability insurance for renters specifically.

Knowing What to Look For

Does your renters insurance cover dog bites/injuries that occur in or on the property that you are leasing? Will your renters insurance cover an injury if it occurs off premises? Some policies will only pay for injuries and property damage while the pet is on the defined premises and others will pay no matter where the injury occurs (most stand alone dog liability insurance policies will pay no matter where the injury or property damage takes place). Also, how much does your renters insurance cover for pet liability? If you’re not covered or not satisfied with your current policy, consider these options.

Consider a separate pet liability insurance if your insurance company doesn’t cover pet liability, their coverage is low or if they only cover pet liability “on premises”

Why Risk It?

If you don’t have pet liability insurance and your dog bites someone in your home or a common residence area, you have a lot more to lose than your dog alone, and that would be devastating enough.

Dog bites and injuries make up a large portion of homeowners insurance liability claims.The average cost per claim for dog bites/injuries is so large that pet liability insurance is a must for renters. Even the most well-trained and tame dogs can get easily aggravated from time to time, so be prepared with pet liability insurance for renters, to avoid ending up in financial turmoil.   

About FIDO

There are many reasons a dog may bite, and it’s not always 100% preventable. In addition to financially protecting dog owners from dog bite claims, our Canine Liability Policy also covers other injuries to people, including scratches and fall injuries caused by dogs and injuries to other animals. Please contact us today for more information at (407) 865-7477, ext. 101.

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