What You Should Know About Excessive Thirst

What You Should Know About Excessive ThirstIf your dog has been experiencing increased or excessive thirst lately, there could be a few underlying causes. While some are standard and expected, others are more sinister. A healthy dog is a happy and well-behaved dog, which is why we’re mapping out some of the reasons that your dog might be overly thirsty. Remember, always protect your four-legged friend with a comprehensive Canine Liability policy, regardless of condition, age or breed.

Think first.

Before worrying about your dog’s water-drinking habits, use common sense. If it’s a hot day, they’ve just spent a lot of time outside, or they just came in from a walk or from a play date, they’re obviously going to require some more water. If he or she is acting normal, there’s no reason to fret.


Dog diabetes is caused from a lack of production of insulin, just like in humans. Your vet can diagnose diabetes with a simple test. Often, your vet will recommend a weight loss program, especially if the diabetes is caused by a combination of factors including age, infection or trauma.

If symptoms persist, ask your vet about Cushing’s disease and Addison’s disease, which are both associated with increased thirst and are more serious than diabetes.


A dry kibble diet makes your pup thirstier. In addition, common things that are fed to dogs off the table can be toxic to them, including garlic, onions and chocolate, which can cause them to desire more water.


Your dog may be thirsty not because of an infection or illness, but because of his medication. Anti-inflammatory drugs used for asthma or allergies tend to make dogs thirstier. Seizures or heart failure meds might be the culprit as well, says Here Pup.


The most obvious of reasons for your dog to lap up a bowl of water in one sitting is dehydration. This is a common symptom associated with exercise, heat, illness and infection can cause dehydration. However, this isn’t something to worry about, just make sure your dog gets enough water each day.

To keep a close eye on your dog, establish a routine. This is as simple as refilling his or her bowl at the same time each day and seeing how much is left at the end of the day. You never want your dog’s water bowl to be empty, so keep an eye on how quickly they go through it. If he or she refuses to drink water for a few days, or is going through it way more quickly than normal, it might be time to schedule a vet visit just in case.

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