What Should You Do If You Get Bitten By A Dog?

It’s probably one of the most frightening things that can happen: You’re out for a stroll and you get charged at and bitten by a dog. The dog could be on-leash or off-leash and you could be with your dog orwhat if you get bitten alone, the outcome is the same. You’ve been bitten, you’re hurt and you’re afraid.

Statiscally speaking, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs annually — some are strangers’ dogs and others are the family pet.

What Should You Do If You Get Bitten By A Dog?

Remain calm. If the dog owner has come and gotten his dog and you feel safe, assess your injuries. Do you need to call for medical attention? Can you walk back home and clean out the wounds? Do you feel that you should contact a friend or family member to come and help you? If you have your cell phone, make the call that makes you most comfortable.

Seek medical attention. A dog bite may be more serious than what you see on the surface. You should be checked out by your physician or at an emergency room or urgent care. You need to make certain there are no tooth fragments in your wounds, that they are thoroughly cleaned and that you aren’t hurt more internally than you imagined. Some bites may be deep enough to cause nerve damage. You may also need a tetnus shot if you’re bitten.

Obtain information. The person whose dog bit you should give you his name, phone number and address. You will also want a copy of the dog’s shot records. If the dog is not vaccinated, that could lead to more testing and potential health issues for you. If the individual will not give you any of the information, you will want to call 9-1-1 and have them assist you.

File a police report. You may need to file a police report to protect yourself. If your injuries will require extensive medical treatment, or even paying for a trip to the physician or emergency room, the individual whose dog bit you will likely be liable to pay those bills and you may need a police report.

Long-lasting effects. Don’t discount the psychological impacts that being bitten by a dog may have. You may suffer fear and post traumatic stress symptoms from the incident. Talk with your physician if you are suffering.

An individual who has a dog who has bitten someone may find him or herself in dire financial straits depending on the severity of the bites. Protect yourself from financial harm by investing in dog bite insurance. 


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There are many reasons a dog may bite, and it’s not always 100% preventable. In addition to financially protecting dog owners from dog bite claims, our Canine Liability Policy also covers other injuries to people, including scratches and fall injuries caused by dogs and injuries to other animals. Please contact us today for more information at (407) 865-7477, ext. 101.

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