Are you Undoing your Dog’s Training?

Are you Undoing your Dog’s Training?Training your dog requires more than just dropping him off at a training school and earning a fancy certificate. In fact, it requires ongoing participation by the whole family to maintain the skills he has learned. With that being said, you might be unintentionally undoing your dog’s hard-earned training. In order to keep him calm, well-behaved, and reduce Dog Bite Liability, consider the following tips.

Be consistent with your expectations.

According to Dogster, this is a big one, and being consistent is especially important during the training process. For example, if you are teaching your dog to sit before he gets food, he needs to do so every single time. If that means planning for a few extra minutes during mealtime, then that’s what you need to do. This also goes for multiple dogs, even if you have one dog that is well behaved or get another that needs training, boundaries need to be enforced!

All family members need to be consistent.

It can be a struggle to get everyone on the same page, but it’s critical for properly training your dog(s). Use the same command words, follow-up with each demand, and make sure everyone is consistent with their training tactics.

Take environment into consideration.

Don’t practice training at the dog park or beach as it’s much harder for dogs to pay attention when their senses are overloaded — not to mention that there is much more going on at the park than at your house. Instead, stick to teaching skills at home and then generalizing them across other environments once they have them down.

Have everyone use the same training methods.

Family members, dog sitters, walkers, etc. should all use the same training methods so that your dog doesn’t become frustrated or confused. Furthermore, using different training methods can set your dog back, so make sure everyone is on the same page.

There are many reasons a dog may bite, and it’s not always 100% preventable. In addition to financially protecting dog owners from dog-bite claims, our Canine Liability Policy also covers other injuries to people, including scratches and fall injuries caused by dogs, and injuries to other animals. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 534-6495.

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