Top 3 Dog Friendly Cities in Florida

Florida’s Top 3 Dog Friendly Cities

dog1 In a country where approximately $50 billion dollars are spent on pets, it is safe to say that we are amongst many individuals and families who treat their pets as part of their family. According to a 2011-2012 survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) there are roughly 78.2 million owned dogs and an average of 2 dogs in each household. With this many individuals who consider their dog(s) as their best friend, where they live is very important. Dog owners are careful to ensure that the city they live in is conducive for their dog. Each state and each city has their own restrictions and limitations which makes it very difficult for many pet lovers to find that perfect florida city. In the state of Florida, there are several cities that welcome dogs and have constructed dog parks, hotels, and major attractions advantageous to their happiness. Here are the top 3 dog friendly cities in Florida.

  • Tampa: This Florida coastal city is not only dog friendly, but it’s proximity to other local cities such as St. Petersburg and Sarasota are extremely dog friendly as well.

    Housing/Hotels: With over 60 pet friendly hotels and countless pet friendly condominiums and houses, Tampa ensures that there are a lot of options for dogs to live or vacation in.

    Dog Parks: There are approximately 20 dog parks in Tampa, some that are fenced and some that allow off leash dogs.

    Major Attractions: Tampa has over 40 restaurants that allow dogs. The waterfront restaurant, Sail Pavilion on the Riverock caters to both humans and dogs. This restaurant is equipped with stainless steel dog dishes, free doggy treats, and a dog venue. They also hold pet friendly charitable events that donate their profits toward organizations like the Animal Angel Assist Program. The Fall Paw Fest has pet portraits, a costume contest for canines, and a talent show.

  • Orlando: Orlando welcomes residents and even tourists to bring their dogs.

    Housing/Hotels: Orlando contains over 110 pet friendly hotels with many that do not charge a fee.

    Dog Parks: Aside from having over 20 dog parks, many of these parks in Orlando are either near the water or have separate dog agility equipment.

    Major Attractions: Orlando has 34 dog friendly restaurants where they have the choice of sitting outside or inside. Orlando is also known to hold many city wide events such as Howl-O-Ween, Disabled Pets Day at Doglando, and Release the Hounds Pet Fest. Orlando also has several dog resorts and doggy day cares where they are able to relax and play with their fellow canines.

  • Jacksonville: Jacksonville and its neighboring city of Amelia Island encourages pet lovers to reside here.

    Housing/Hotels: Jacksonville has over 60 pet friendly hotels that either have low pet cost or none at all.

    Dog Parks: Jacksonville has numerous dog parks with doggy water fountains. The 45 acre, Dogwood Dog Park encourages dogs to socialize, exercise, and relax.

    Major Attractions: Jacksonville has over 20 dog friendly restaurants. Some are fine dining, some are casual, and some even provide water and doggy treats. Jacksonville is home to First Coast No More Homeless pets where they offers free and low-cost spay/neuter and pet healthcare.

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