Tips for Renting With a Dog, Peacefully

Tips for Renting With a Dog, PeacefullyAs we have mentioned in a previous blog, renting with a dog can be difficult. While some landlords discriminate against the dog’s breed, some might be opposed to you having a dog in general. However, once you’ve found a home to accommodate you and your furry friend, there are certain considerations to be made to limit Dog Owner Liability.

First, always pick up after your pooch. Leaving waste throughout common areas and lawns is a sure fire way to get neighbors to start disliking you. If possible, don’t leave your dog alone for extended periods of time. If your job requires you to leave the house for long hours, consider hiring a dog walker to check in on your pup while you’re away.

As you are renting the space, experts recommend crate training your dog to prevent any destruction from occurring in your absence. If your dog has even the slightest tendency towards destruction, this is essential as your dog chewing up personal belongings has different consequences than if he were to destroy carpet or other rented property, according to About Home.

Further, any damage, no matter how small, should be fixed immediately. If the damage requires more than a quick-fix paint job or deep cleaning, notify your landlord and offer to pay the fees. Hiding this information from your landlord can make you look bad and cost you more in the long run.

In order to prove your pup is a good dog, consider obtaining references from friends and previous landlords. Having someone vouch for your dog to ensure he’s not an incessant barker, he’s not destructive, and loves people is a great way to prove to your landlord that he made the right choice.

At Canine Liability, we specialize in offering insurance to responsible pet owners. Our coverage includes all breeds, shapes, and sizes to ensure your pet is protected. To learn more about our expertly crafted solutions, contact us today at 855.534.6495.

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