Tips on Educating Kids on Preventing Dog Bites: Part 2

Tips on Educating Kids on Preventing Dog Bites Part 2Tips on Educating Kids on Preventing Dog Bites

Much like humans, dogs communicate their emotions in two ways; verbal and non-verbal, as discussed in our last blog post. However, young children are only in the early stages of their cognitive development and consequently, not capable of correctly associating a dog’s expression to a dog’s mood. Evidence shows that this can be troublesome.

Here are our tips on educating kids on preventing dog bites!

*Things to keep in mind:

  1. If you adopt a dog for your young child, you need to be the primary caretaker.
  2. Always ensure that your child is supervised.
  3. Teach your child at a level that they understand. Focus on the do’s and don’ts, instead of translating body language.
  • Never inflict physical harm on a dog
    • Do not hit, kick, slap or pull on his ears, tail or paws
    • Do not try to ride a dog
    • Do not drag a dog
  • Never evoke signs of aggression
    • Do not shout at the dog
    • Do not chase the dog around
    • Always gently stroke the dog
  • Never interrupt a busy dog
    • If they are chewing a toy, eating or sleeping, do not bother them
  • Never approach an unfamiliar dog
    • If your child wants to pet a dog, ask the owner beforehand
  • Let the dog roam
    • Many children make the mistake of incessantly bothering the dog to play when the dog is trying to leave
  • Stay still
    • Most dogs do not like unfamiliar people petting them; always let them see and sniff you first

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