Three Ways To Prevent Dog Bites

Dog bites just happen. That is more of a myth than a truism. It is the rare dog who will bite without provocation. Dogs bite for many different reasons and if you’re an astute watcher of dog body language you may just be able to avoid getting bitten. If you have a dog who may bite — and remember it’s always a specific breed or even size of dog who will bite someone. Any dog, from poodle to pit bull has the propensity to bite. It is true that a biggerprotect yourself from dog bite dog can usually inflict more harm than can a smaller dog, but it’s wise to do what you can to prevent dog bites.

Three Ways To Prevent Dog Bites

Approach strange dogs with caution. There are some people who simply cannot resist petting or even hugging a dog — any dog — they see. We urge you to approach strange dogs with caution. Even if the owner says you can pet the dog, do so with care. Don’t look the dog straight in the eyes — they consider that an act of aggression. Don’t get down to face level with the dog. Pet him gently on the chest or back and read his cues on whether he wants you to continue or to back off. Even the friendliest dog may bite if startled or approached by a stranger.

Here are some signs the dog may not welcome your advances:

  1. Ears flattened
  2. Tense body
  3. Yawning
  4. Growling and baring its teeth
  5. A stiff tail

Even if the owner says you can pet the dog, if you see any of these signs from the dog, it’s best to simply keep walking.

If you see an off-leash aggressive dog. Again, don’t stare into his eyes. Slowly back away until you are in a safe area with a barrier between you and the dog. What ever happens, avoid the urge to run. Running will be your natural instinct, but the dog’s natural instinct is to chase the “prey” that is running; chances are the dog will be faster than you are. If it appears the dog is intent on attacking you, say in a very firm tone, “No,” or “Go home.” Don’t shout. Sudden movements may startle the dog so stand as still as possible until help arrives.

Don’t let children hug dogs. This is the main reason that children suffer bites to the face. Not all dogs like hugging. Even if you have a calm dog, having someone’s arms wrapped around her neck may make her anxious and she will bite.

In many cases, common sense will help you avoid a dog bite. There are times, though, that you will encounter a dog who is intent on biting you and you won’t be able to avoid it. If you’re the dog owner who has the dog who is intent on biting someone we hope you have invested in dog bite insurance.

Dog bite insurance can protect you if your dog bites someone. Call us for information and a dog bite insurance quote.


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