The Best Dog Parks in Orlando, Florida

The best dog parks in Orlando, Florida

dog2With over 20 dog parks and dog friendly hiking trails, Orlando, FL is a hot spot for both tourists and locals. Here are a few of the best off-leash parks for your dog to roam, socialize, and play in Orlando
Dr. Philips Dog Park– Located just a few miles north east of Walt Disney Resort is one of the best dog parks in Orlando, a dog park loved by both dogs and their owners. It is easy to incidentally spend the whole day here; owners grab a book and sit underneath the shaded picnic area and let your dog roam around the fenced in park! Equipped with water fountains, water buckets, and water hose area, this doggy paradise is relatively equivalent to Orlando’s Aquatica.

Meadow Woods Dog Park– Surrounded by a small lake, Meadow Woods Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in Orlando. They allow the owners to enjoy the scenery and their dogs to have fun. Like Dr. Phillips Dog Park, Meadow Woods is divided into two sections; one designated to small dogs and the other designated to big dogs. This dog park is equipped with water fountains, kiddie pool, bathing station, and a covered picnic area. For safety reasons, Meadow Woods Dog Park requires dogs to be vaccinated, licensed with tags on collar, and well behaved.

Barber Dog Park- Barber Dog Park is located south of Lake Barber and is regularly visited by locals and is one of the best dog parks in Orlando. Unlike many dog parks, Barber is the perfect park to let your dog exercise. Inside the confines of the fenced in park is a small training facility where your dog’s agility is tested. The training facility has obstacles such as a tunnel and bridge. The rules of the park include a limit of two dogs per individual and puppies younger than four months are prohibited.

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