Is Your Dog Fearful? Here’s How to CopeFearful dogs react to trigger situations in ways that humans view as “bad behavior.” These include but are not limited to barking, aggression, leash reactivity, snapping, and growling. While these are less than ideal for dog owners, it simply means your dog is trying to communicate his or her discomfort in that scenario. Whether your dog is fearful of strangers, … [more]

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Do you Know How to Read Your Dog’s Signals?All too often, well-meaning owners of small or “friendly” breeds of dogs view their dog letting out a short growl or a nip in the direction of someone teasing them as cute or funny. This could be a dangerous mistake to make, though; it’s a signal that your dog is not comfortable with situation they’re in and they are trying … [more]

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Breed Stigma A Look at Canine StereotypesAccording to, the #1 friendliest dog breed is the Labrador Retriever. Labs have been called loyal, intelligent, and kind, giving them an excellent reputation and making them the most popular dog breed in America. This must me that all labs are good dogs, right? In the meantime, we see so often in the media stories of other breeds who … [more]

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Could Your Attitude Enable Your Dog's Bad BehaviorLate last year, we discussed the effect that human body language could potentially have on your Dog Bite Liability Risks. We observed how actions such as prolonged eye contact, direct body motion, or even the position of your head and neck when approaching your dog could all play a role in either provoking or preventing a dog bite. Dogs see … [more]

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Should You Think Twice About Giving Your Dog Peanut Butter?A recent article published by recently revealed a dangerous trend when it comes to one “people food” that pet owners love to give their dogs: peanut butter. Peanut butter is loved by many dogs and their owners; it makes a great, relatively healthy treat, it can be used to administer medicine, and can even be used for training purposes. … [more]

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Animal Control Appears to Be Out of Control in Some JurisdictionsOne person; that’s all it took. A single neighbor claimed to have seen Caitlin McAdam’s two dogs, Jake and Lucy, kill a cat. And as a result a $10,000 battle to save these two dogs from the death penalty began. When this incident occurred, McAdams was hit with “dangerous dog” charges under the state law in Colorado, and she was … [more]

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So, Why Do Dogs BiteIt’s an age-old question dog owners ask; especially when determining their need for Dog Bite Liability Insurance Coverage; why do dogs bite, anyway? A number of assumptions have been made over the years, including “It just depends on the breed,” or “it’s always the owners fault,” or even “It’s just because they were abused as a puppy.” While all of … [more]

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Tips For Managing Redirected Aggression in DogsIn a recent post we discussed what the term redirected aggression means, and how it manifests in canine companions. Pet parents of dogs with aggressive tenancies often ask whether or not a canine companion can ever be “cured” of these behaviors. While there is no cure for redirected aggression in animals, there are many steps that pet owners can take … [more]

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Socializing Can Help Prevent Dog Bites at CA Group OutingsOver 600 Corgis and their owners hit the beach in Southern California on April 13th, 2015 for the annual So Cal Corgi Beach Day. What originally began as a simple meet-up group for local owners of the quirky-cute little pups with big personalities, has grown into one of the largest community events among dog owners. The spring … [more]

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