Using Temperament Assessment to Select a DogUsing Temperament Assessment to Select A Dog

In a previous post, we discussed the role that temperament plays in your dog’s individual personality. When it comes to selecting a puppy for your family, if a certain breed interests you, find out first what the dog was bred to do. Select a dog based on the role they are expected to … [more]

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Understanding Dog Temperaments Understanding Dog Temperaments

Do you understand who your dog is as an individual? We don’t mean how they fit in with your family, but rather how his or her temperament affects who they are. Your dog acts in a particular way because of the characteristics they were born with, along with their distinct personality. Understanding their temperament can help you … [more]

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How to Find the Right Breed

dog11Are you ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a dog? If you’re able to confidently say yes to the previous question, then you’re ready to move onto the next—what breed is right for you?

Not every dog can easily assimilate to every living situation. Whether this will be your first time adopting … [more]

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