Are You Ready for Dog Ownership? Asking the Important QuestionsA lot of people, when considering getting a dog, only focus on the positive aspects of dog ownership. They think about the fun-filled walks, the couch cuddles, and the loving companionship. However, these are just the highlights of owning a dog, which is a 24/7 commitment.

If you are pondering upon getting a dog, it is important to consider whether [more]

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Thinking of Getting a Dog? Make Sure You Can Afford ItHave you been thinking about getting a new furry friend? Let’s cut to the chase…dogs are expensive. For many people having a dog is a a huge joy and more than worth the money it costs to raise them. However, it is important to consider all of the expenses of owning a dog, some of which are quite costly [more]

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How are Landlord Pet Requirements ChangingHow are Landlord Pet Requirements Changing?

The rules and regulations set forth by many landlords has been a longstanding obstacle for dog owners. Landlords have many reasons that they might disallow pets; their breed is a ‘restricted’ breed, they are too big, they don’t want to deal with the potential property damage that may occur, or they are afraid of … [more]

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