Storm Preparedness for your PupAs we all know, spring can bring some intense storms. Depending on where you live, this could mean thunderstorms, hail, rain and even hurricanes. As dogs are more sensitive to weather cues than humans, it’s important to prepare before a storm hits to give your dog some comfort and peace of mind. In order to reduce Dog Owner Liability, … [more]

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Do’s and Don’ts When Socializing an Adult DogSocialization is one of the most important factors of dog ownership. Whether you adopt an older dog or get him as a puppy, this practice is going to help him adjust to his surroundings and be more comfortable. When training and socializing a dog that is passed the initial puppy training phase, there are some important considerations to make in … [more]

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5 Good Reasons to Get Outside and Play with your PupAs any dog owner knows, pups love to get outside. Even though it may be hard to find the time to spend time outdoors, the days are slowly becoming longer, providing more sunlight for such activities. Further, there are numerous benefits of playing outside with your canine companion including improving their health and reducing your Dog Owner Liability. Here … [more]

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Pet Safety Tips for the HolidaysSince pets are part of the family, they are likely going to be included in the holiday festivities. Through all the chaos and excitement, it is important to prevent your furry friend from ingesting decorations and toxic items so as to limit Dog Owner Liability. Here are some recommendations to keep your dog safe this holiday season.

Mind your [more]

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Tips for Renting With a Dog, PeacefullyAs we have mentioned in a previous blog, renting with a dog can be difficult. While some landlords discriminate against the dog’s breed, some might be opposed to you having a dog in general. However, once you’ve found a home to accommodate you and your furry friend, there are certain considerations to be made to limit Dog Owner Liability.… [more]

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