Companion animals make our lives fuller and happier. Our dogs love us no matter what — whether we’re having a good day or a bad day, whether we are dressed and fully made-up and they are there to offer seniors benefit from life with dogs unconditional love when no one else is.

Sharing your life with a cat or dog brings many benefits. Senior citizens benefit … [more]

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Turkey. Cranberry dressing. Mixed drinks. Pumpkin pie. All of these sound delicious and are all a part of many Thanksgiving holiday dinner tables. Many of these foods can cause illness or even be lethal for ourthanksgiving dog food safety tips dogs. We have put together some Thanksgiving safety tips for dog owners as part of our Thanksgiving dog bite safety series.

We’d recently written … [more]

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Halloween is fast approaching. It’s a day that is great fun for children in costumes who are going door-to-door with the cries of “Trick or Treat!” They’re always hoping for the treat, of course, usually in the prevent dog bites form of a candy bar!

Halloween, though can be a scary time for your dog and a scared dog is one who is [more]

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Adopting a Dog? You Should Ask These Questions FirstIf you’ve decided that you’d like to add a dog to your household and your family, choosing to adopt an older or abandoned dog can be exciting, stressful, and truly rewarding. With an estimated 3.3 million dogs entering shelters each year, there are countless dogs out there looking for a new home and a new chance at life.

However, while [more]

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Is there a way to adopt the “best” dog for your family? Yes, there is. It involves knowing your family’sget best dog for your family unique lifestyle and finding a dog who can match that. For example, if you and your family love to run and bike and hike you won’t want to adopt a dog who can’t keep up. If, however, you and … [more]

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Want to Bring Your Dog to College? Here’s What You Need to KnowCollege is tough no matter what your circumstances are, but having a dog while in college can make things even trickier. You might think that bringing a dog along with you will be a great way to stave off loneliness and keep a responsible routine, but owning a dog while attending school full-time can be another full-time task.

The Pros


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You may not be able to prevent all dog bites, but you can certainly protect yourself from a dog bite by practicing preventative measures. No one wants to believe that their loving family pet can “snap” and bite a friend, family member or stranger, but it does happen.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that close … [more]

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No pet parent wants to think his or her dog could bite someone, but it can happen even to the “best” of dogs. Dogs, like humans, can be unpredictable. If you understand your dog and his body language, prevent dog bites though you will be alerted when he is uncomfortable and when he might bite whether out of fear, anxiety or out of … [more]

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Some people walk into dog ownership (or to being a pet parent) without knowing what costs are involved in shareing their lives with a dog. In the first year of a puppy’s life, they spend inordinate amounts of time at the veterinarian’s office for health check-ups and vaccinations.

As your dog ages, as long as she remains healthy you may … [more]

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