Is there a way to adopt the “best” dog for your family? Yes, there is. It involves knowing your family’sget best dog for your family unique lifestyle and finding a dog who can match that. For example, if you and your family love to run and bike and hike you won’t want to adopt a dog who can’t keep up. If, however, you and … [more]

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Identifying Common Aggression TriggersEach dog is as unique as their owner, and each dog has different triggers that set them off. While some dogs might be more sensitive than others, there are many common triggers that can result in aggressive behavior. If that’s the case for your dog, it’s important to recognize which actions and circumstances spark the behavior in order to prevent … [more]

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Dog Bite Liability Breaking up a DogfightDog Bite Liability: Breaking up a Dogfight

Recently, we received a claim at F.I.D.O regarding a dog bite that resulted from a house guest breaking up a dogfight. Unfortunately, this is a rather common way for people to get bit. They sometimes mistakenly believe that their own dog, or even a friend’s dog, will not bite them. Quite often though, … [more]

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Understanding Dog Temperaments Understanding Dog Temperaments

Do you understand who your dog is as an individual? We don’t mean how they fit in with your family, but rather how his or her temperament affects who they are. Your dog acts in a particular way because of the characteristics they were born with, along with their distinct personality. Understanding their temperament can help you … [more]

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Dog Bite Liability Understanding Dog AggressionDog Bite Liability: Understanding Dog Aggression

Owning an aggressive dog does not make you a bad owner, nor does it automatically define your pet as dangerous. An aggressive dog can be a liability, and a dog bite can occur with or without training, which is why it is essential to have dog bite liability insurance coverage. Proper training can help … [more]

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