Breed Stigma A Look at Canine StereotypesAccording to, the #1 friendliest dog breed is the Labrador Retriever. Labs have been called loyal, intelligent, and kind, giving them an excellent reputation and making them the most popular dog breed in America. This must me that all labs are good dogs, right? In the meantime, we see so often in the media stories of other breeds who … [more]

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Dog Bite Liability Breaking up a DogfightDog Bite Liability: Breaking up a Dogfight

Recently, we received a claim at F.I.D.O regarding a dog bite that resulted from a house guest breaking up a dogfight. Unfortunately, this is a rather common way for people to get bit. They sometimes mistakenly believe that their own dog, or even a friend’s dog, will not bite them. Quite often though, … [more]

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Training Your Dog to Ride in Cars

dog7Does your dog accompany you on your vacations? If so, have you been overwhelmed by his/her’s frequent barking? Distractions while driving such as barking, interacting, and petting your dog put you at a great risk of being involved in an accident. After all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that … [more]

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Keeping your Dog Safe from Spider Bites

dog7It’s not just humans that suffer agonizing pain when bitten by venomous spiders. When your dog is sniffing around trashcans and digging up soil, they become more susceptible to spiders. Treating venomous bites are as detrimental on dogs as they are on humans. Untreated dogs may experience vomiting breathing difficulties, and even death. … [more]

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