Stuck Indoors on a Winter Day? Here’s How to Keep Your Dog Busy

Stuck Indoors on a Winter Day? Here’s How to Keep Your Dog BusyThough it depends on your dog’s breed and age, on average a dog needs between 30 minutes and 2 hours of activity each day. Unfortunately, as the days grow shorter and the weather stormier, it can be difficult to find the time to take your dogs on regular walks and get them adequate playtime outdoors. Dogs get just as tired of being cooped up inside as we do, and it is important that you make sure your dog gets enough exercise no matter the season.

In wintertime dogs are more likely to feel stir-crazy, and can easily become rambunctious or irritable with the excess energy they need to get out. These feelings are unfortunately likely to lead to dogs acting out due to their boredom and pent-up energy, putting you and others at risk of a dog bite. In addition to covering yourself and your dog with a Dog Bite policy, think about adding these energy-busters to your winter routine.

Indoor Parks or Doggy Daycare

Spending a day off-leash, chasing other dogs around can be just the ticket for your pup. It’s not always the cheapest service, so you may want to strategically plan to take your dog when you know they’ll be bursting at the seams to get some energy out. It’s also worth it to keep an ear to the ground about indoor dog parks, which are a much more economical option. You may find that a local doggie daycare has the option for an indoor dog park. For a small cost, you can spend several hours out of the weather, watching your dog play.

Mental Stimulation

Just as a good puzzle can be fun, diverting, and exhausting for a human, they can also serve that purpose for dogs. A bored dog is a destructive dog, so try not to let your pup get too bored.

Puzzle toys are an easy way to keep them occupied. Food time is a great time to wear your dog out, and many feeding puzzles also slow down their eating so that they don’t get gastrointestinal distress. There are plenty of toy options out there that will keep your dog’s brain in good order.

Interactive Treat Toys

Toys stuffed with treats will keep your dog occupied for quite some time. If you’re looking for a longer-term solution, try hiding multiple interactive treat toys around the house. That way, the fun is spread out over the course of the day, and your dog will have to walk around the house and look for them.

Tug of War

Have you ever met a dog who didn’t like a good game of tug of war?  It’s an easy way to wear your dog out while keeping them confined to a relatively small area and away from all the fragile items that they may hit while running around. It’s also quite easy to multitask while you’re playing.

Sports and Classes

Many obedience classes or dog sports are held in indoor facilities, and they’re a great opportunity for you to stay warm, bond with your dog, and make sure they are  properly exercised. There are plenty of different types of dog sports Is your dog agile, fast, good at tracking, or in love with herding? Find them a hobby that suits them!

About FIDO

There are many reasons a dog may bite, and it’s not always 100% preventable. In addition to financially protecting dog owners from dog bite claims, our Canine Liability Policy also covers other injuries to people, including scratches and fall injuries caused by dogs and injuries to other animals. Please contact us today for more information at (407) 865-7477, ext. 101.

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