Reducing Stress in your Anxious Dog

Reducing Stress in your Anxious DogMany dog owners understand the implications of stressed-out pets. While many people know what signs to look for that indicate their pet is anxiety-ridden, many owners may not understand how to help them in that situation. As a dog can react negatively in scenarios where they are extremely anxious, it’s important to understand how to help and ease your dog’s mind. In turn, Canine Liability will be reduced significantly.

Provide a safe space.

Whether it’s their favorite spot on your couch, their own personal bed, or a crate, provide your pet with his own safe space. Therefore, when your dog feels insecure or anxious, he can retreat to this space and gain instant comfort.

Create a routine and stick to it.

Much like humans who suffer from anxiety, creating a routine will minimize stress throughout the day. If your dog knows what’s coming next, he is less likely to feel anxious. Therefore, feeding, walking, and playing should be done at the same time each day.

Think ahead.

If your dog suffers from minor anxieties throughout the day such as cars or visitors, plan ahead. According to Dogster, if your dog freaks out when people come over, make sure you move your pet to a safe place BEFORE company comes- schedule visits if you can. If your dog is afraid of cars, try taking him out early in the morning or later at night to avoid the hustle and bustle. Work with him to determine how to reduce his anxiety and do your best not to contribute to it.

Use specific treatment products.

There are plenty medication-free solutions to reducing your dog’s anxiety. For example, there are products that use pheromones to naturally calm your dog and even remedies to put in your dog’s water bowl to keep him mellow throughout the day. Use these safe and tested technologies to your dog’s advantage!

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