Reducing Canine Liability Risks by Being Proactive

Reducing Canine Liability Risks by Being ProactiveIt’s no secret that we live in an increasingly litigious society. Unfortunately, many people are quick to place blame on others rather than their own actions. This is especially pertinent when it comes to dog bite cases. While there are certainly cases where a dog bite seems to come out of nowhere, people have figured out that they can accuse a dog of any type of injury and collect a settlement from insurance companies.

In fact, one of the most outrageous types of claims that we’ve witnessed is that which comes from a situation where a dog jumped on a worker at the owners’ home. There was no obvious injury and the worker finished his job over the course of the week. However, as the statute of limitations date approached, the worker sued the owner, alleging that when the dog jumped on him it knocked him over, crushing his pelvis. There were no records defending against the accusation, therefore leaving the owner wide open to liability.

Another method people use to win an insurance settlement is kicking a dog or somehow provoking a dog so that they will bite. There’s also the scenarios where a burglar breaks into a home and is attacked by the resident’s dog. This may seem like a bizarre situation, however these lawsuits do happen and the plaintiffs do win, causing owners to not only pay the settlement if they don’t have dog bite liability insurance, but also attorney fees defending their dog and their case.

Although it is never fair, the reality is that people can and do go out of their way to incite a reaction from your dog or overreact when a minor incident does occur. The most important thing you can do to prevent devastating financial loss in addition to obtaining a canine liability insurance policy is be proactive. If an incident occurs, even if there are no other witnesses, have the alleged injured person sign a document outlining the occurrence, with their signature. If you believe the victim provoked your dog, ask people who were around to provide witness testimonies.

Not all lawsuits are preventable, but you can be prepared. At Canine Liability, we understand the unique risks you face as a dog owner. For more information about our policies, please contact us at 855.534.6495.

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