Reducing Dog Bite Liability: How to Socialize Your Puppy

Reducing Dog Bite Liability How to Socialize Your PuppyAs many dog owners know, puppies are a joy to be around. Often times though, we forget that as puppy parents, disciplining and socializing our dogs is critical to their quality of life and behavior. As mentioned earlier this year, Socializing Your Dogs can prevent aggression and anxiety. More importantly, taking the proper steps to socialize your puppy from a very young age can Reduce Dog Bite Liability through adulthood. Here are a few good ways to prepare your pup for a happy, stress free life.

Start Young- The ASPCA recommends socializing your puppy between the ages of 3 and 12 weeks as they are most open minded during this time. Although dogs are able to be trained and socialized through adulthood, puppies are less cautious at a young age and tend to not fear unknown situations, making exposure easy to manage.

Expose to New People, Places, and Things- Exposing your puppy to new experiences helps to reduce anxiety later in life. Being mindful of what kind of lifestyle you are going to provide your puppy can help determine what he needs familiarity with. For example: Are there large animals he needs to be comfortable with? Will he be around kids? Do you live next to a loud train station or airport? Will he be in the car with you frequently? Taking your pup to the locations where he is bound to go- friends’ houses, groomer, etc. is a great way to get him comfortable. Lastly, taking your pup to the dog park will familiarize him with practicing proper etiquette with his fellow furry friends.

Puppy Classes- There are classes to teach you to train your pooch while socializing him at the same time. The exposure to other dogs helps him be mindful of biting, rough housing and playing. What’s more, some classes even offer props, sounds, and costumes to simulate real life experiences in order to help acclimate him in your home.

Canine Liability Insurance is a necessity for dog owners. Although socializing your dog from puppyhood can ensure his happiness and reduce potential aggression later in life, it is advised to be prepared for the “just in case” moments, which do certainly happen. For more information on how to properly insure your pup, contact us today at (855) 534-6495.

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