Pet Anxiety, Dog Bites And Fireworks

prevent dog bites fourth of julyThe Fourth of July with its colorful displays of fireworks and blasts of light in the sky are enjoyable for humans but not so much for their canine family members. The Fourth of July and the day after are the most active in animal shelters because many dogs get frightened, run away and get lost.

If your dog is afraid of loud noises — doors slamming, fireworks, thunder — you know you need to protect him from what scares him. In addition, you need to protect those around your dog. A nervous dog is a dog who is more prone to bite out of fear and anxiety. As the dog parent it is up to you to keep your dog safe as well as anyone with whom you are spending the Fourth of July with.

Pet Anxiety, Dog Bites And Fireworks

How can you alleviate your dog’s anxiety, prevent dog bites and survive local fireworks displays? Here are a few tips:

  1. Invest in a garment designed to alleviate anxiety. If your dog will tolerate clothing, dressing her in a garment may help calm him when the loud noises begin.
  2. Turn on the television. Programming such as that offered by DOGTV has a calming effect and can alleviate your dog’s anxiety. If you turn on a television, fan or a radio that may drown out the noise of the fireworks and help calm your dog. DOGTV programming will give him something to look at and that may help further calm him.
  3. If you’re not interested in the fireworks, take your dog into a room with you and spend time together. Again, turn on the television or a fan or air conditioner as background, white noise to help keep him calm.
  4. Some pet parents know their dogs will be so frantic about the fireworks displays that they will request medication from their veterinarian to help their dog cope. If your dog is pacing, panting, barking and otherwise acting out, it coudl be because of the noise — these symptoms can manifest even if he’d never been bothered by it in the past.
  5. If you’re having a fireworks viewing party it may be better for your dog if she is in her crate or in another room away from the guests and the noise of the fireworks. Remember, this is one of the times of the year when dogs will bolt out an open door or slip out of their collar and run off into the night as a way to “escape” the loud noises. A microchipped pet is one who will be easier to locate if he runs off. It’s better, yet, though to keep him indoors and away from the door.

Keep your pets safe this Fourth of July. Keep your friends, family and strangers safe from a potential bite from your dog — who may not have a mean bone in his body — who is frightened by the unfamiliar sights and sounds.

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