Dog Bites in the News: What are Some Takeaways?

Dog Bites in the News What are Some TakeawaysReading or hearing about dog bites in the news is practically a daily occurrence, yet most dog owners think, “It will never happen with my dog.” With the high number of incidents that occur, it’s important that dog owners not ignore these stories, but rather see what lessons they can take away from them. It’s also vital that owners be financially protected should their dog bite or injure another person, with the appropriate Dog Bite Liability Insurance Policy. These stories and incidents occur nationwide, often with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Take the recent news story of a disabled veteran in Shiloh, North Carolina.

As reported by the Citizen-Times, a NC local news outlet, army veteran Willie Brown approached the entrance to a pet store, where a dog owner had her boxer on a retractable leash. It’s reported that the dog owner was distracted at the time by her cell phone, and did not have full control of her dog. As a result, the boxer was able to knock Brown over, where the dog then proceeded to bite Brown on his knee that he’d just had surgery on.

The owner, who reportedly acted apologetic but then left quickly in her car, gave Brown no information regarding the dog’s vaccination status, nor did she give Brown any contact information. Therefore, he was stuck with footing the bill for his rabies test and medical treatment needed. Brown expressed that his anger was primarily focused towards the owner’s actions after the bite rather than the attack itself. He stated “All I needed to know is if the dog had rabies. It would’ve been able to save me going through [the medical testing and resulting bills]”

What lessons can be learned from incidents such as this? As a dog owner, you should ensure that:

  • You have the dog bite liability insurance coverage to financially cover any injury to another person that is caused by your dog.
  • Your dog is on a 6 foot or less lead, locked if you use a retractable, when you’re in public, and that you always maintain control.
  • Your dog is vaccinated, and that if your dog does bite, you provide their vaccination date to the person injured.

At Federation of Insured Dog Owners (F.I.D.O) we understand the loving bond between dogs and their owners, and how it’s easy to think or assume your dog will never bite someone. It’s important to remember though, that accidents can and do still occur, so having the right insurance policy in place is imperative. To learn more about our product and the states that we serve, please contact us today at (855) 534-6495.

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