Keeping your Dog Safe During Car Trips

Keeping your Dog Safe During Car TripsAs a responsible pet owner, it’s always your first priority to keep your dog safe. While you might buy the perfect-fitting harness and always keep an eye out on your walks for potential threats, have you considered how you travel with your companion? There are not many resources available for car safety with dogs, which is why we’ve compiled this list of how to effectively protect your best friend during travel. In turn, your Dog Owner Liability will be significantly reduced.

Keep a copy of your pet’s medical records and ID in the glove compartment, just in case. A list of local veterinarians and emergency pet hospitals wouldn’t hurt. Keep pictures of you with your pet, as well, to ensure that there are no discrepancies between who his or her owner is.

Sergeant Mercedes Fortune, who works in the Public Affairs Bureau of the Phoenix, Arizona Police Department, suggested carrying the name and number of a contact that officers can reach in case you are unable to talk to the officer. Try filling out the In Case of Emergency (or ICE) contacts in your phone. Or list two contacts on your pet’s dog tag, recommends Dogster.

Be sure to secure them by their harness or a pet seat belt. Even dogs who are comfortable in cars can easily get injured if you have to stop or swerve. If you think your pet might need a sedative, consult with your vet about how to gradually introduce the medicine before a long trip. In the meantime, start slow and take your pup on short treks to the market or pet store to get them acquainted with traveling.

Lastly, be aware of your state laws. Allowing your dog to sit in your lap or not restraining pets can lead to significant fines and tickets, so be cautious! It’s also recommended that you put your pet in the backseat and not in front to minimize distractions and the chances of being injured by the airbags.

It’s important to note that dogs who are protected, comfortable, and uninjured are less likely to react adversely to new scenarios, dogs, and people.

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