Is Your Dog Acting Out Because He’s “Hangry”?

Is Your Dog Acting Out Because He’s “Hangry”?Does your dog look forward to feeding time more than anything else? Does he seem insatiable when it comes to food? Does your dog seem irritable lately? Is he pacing or whining seemingly out of nowhere? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s possible that your dog is reacting out of frustration and hunger. As we explore the causes for your dog’s “hangry” (hungry + angry) behavior, ensure you protect him with a comprehensive Canine Liability Insurance program to minimize your liability in the event he reacts negatively.

Check if you’re feeding him enough.

Of course, any responsible and loving pet parent will try to feed their dog enough. However, just going off of the dog food label’s suggestion might not be sufficient. If you have a growing puppy or a very active dog, you might be inadvertently skimping on food portions. If your dog is pacing, whining, or trying to get your attention after dinner, try giving him a bit more food to satisfy him.

Look out for an underlying medical condition.

If your dog has developed a habit of wanting more and more food suddenly, it’s wise to take them to the vet to rule out Cushing’s Disease or diabetes as the culprit.

Don’t reward negative or demanding behaviors.

Everyone spoils their dog in one way or another, which might be the cause of this behavior. If your dog barks for food or treats and you reward him, he is going to learn that he simply needs to demand food and he gets it. So from this moment forward, ignore those behaviors. Stick to a routine of feeding your dog his meals, and include treats in a couple of short training sessions throughout the day. You may see the “hangry” behaviors worsen at first, and that’s normal. This is called an “extinction burst.” Your dog will be confused as to why behavior that had worked so well before is no longer getting him extra cookies, explains Dogster. But, eventually, your dog will learn that he needs to wait until mealtime for food.

Think logically.

If your dog eats too quickly and doesn’t retain all the nutrients, try feeding him in a slow-feeding bowl. Alternatively, you can try feeding your dog in three small portions throughout the day rather than two to keep him satiated. If he is still hungry, try throwing in some vegetables to give him what he needs without packing on pounds. Lastly, try upgrading your food. Your dog could be hungry all the time because the food you have him on isn’t supplying the nutrition he needs. Try switching to a brand with less filler to keep your dog satisfied.

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