How to Get Your Dog Used to Going Outside in the Rain

How to Get Your Dog Used to Going Outside in the RainHave you ever found it to be a dilemma when its raining out and your dog has to go to the bathroom? You open the door, your dog takes one look at the rain only to turn around and walk away. You need to learn how to prevent your dog from relieving itself in the house, so what do you do to convince your dog to go outside?

Now that we’re far along into autumn and only a little over a month away from the Winter Solstice, it’s more likely that your daily walks and trips outside are going to be interrupted or otherwise impeded by rain or other inclement weather. You can’t make it through the stormy season by staying indoors and using pee pads, and your dog is likely to get a little stir-crazy (and cranky) if he or she has to spend days or weeks cooped up indoors.

Dogs may not love going outside in the rain, but with some time and careful training, you and your dog can take nice long walks in the rain with few problems. Take a look at these tips to help you and your dog get through the stormy weather.

Potty Training

If your dog is still young, it is crucial to train dogs from the very beginning to go the bathroom outside in bad weather just as you would in sunny weather. Teach your dog the “go potty” command phrase, and encourage him or her when he or she does go outside in the rain.

If your dog refuses to go outside, go outside with them. Sometimes holding an umbrella over your dog while your dog pees or poops will help. If your dog doesn’t relieve themselves right away, don’t give up, wait on them. Sometimes they must know how serious you are about them going to the bathroom outside rather than inside.

Staying Dry

Create an outside area in your yard that has some type of overhead covering. Your dog is more likely to go outside if they knows they will be covered from rain while going to the bathroom.

Consider covering up your dog and putting them in a raincoat or rain booties if your dog dislikes getting wet and the conditions are too much for them. Keep in mind that the weather conditions can put stress on your dog and lead them to act out of character, which could lead to a dog bite incident down the line.

Trying using positive reinforcement and praise your dog for going outside or give him a treat as a reward.

Dangerous Weather

If it is really crazy out, keep your dog inside. You don’t want your dog to be swept away, hit by flying debris, or encounter a downed power line.  You never know what certain weather conditions could spark up in your dog. This type of weather typically makes dogs feel very uncomfortable, causing them to act in unforeseen ways. Be sure to obtain a Dog Bite insurance policy.

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