How To Enjoy The Beach With Your Dog

It’s almost the Dog Days of Summer and we know that families like to take vacations — whether week-beach safety tipslong ones or just a day away at the beach and of course they want to take their beloved fur babies with them! How to enjoy the beach with your dog is a question we hear from our policy holders who want to make certain that dog bites don’t ruin a day at the beach.

If you’re inclined to spend a day at the beach with friends — both furry and non-furry! — we have some tips and advice on how to enjoy the beach safely with your dog.

How To Enjoy The Beach With Your Dog

When you’re at the beach or when you’re at a park, there are potential safety risks of your dog biting someone or you getting bitten by a dog you encounter. Here are tips to keep you and your dogs safe and happy while you’re at the beach.

  1. Keep your dog leashed and in control. If an unleashed dog comes toward you, having your dog on a lash may help prevent a clash.
  2. Find a place where there is shade from the hot sun. Bring an umbrella and set it up so your dog can escape the sun. If you have a white or short haired dog, put dog sunblock on him to prevent his skin from burning. (Yes, dogs can get sunburned, just like humans do!) Prevent sunstroke by keeping him out of the sun while you’re sitting and relaxing.
  3. Don’t let your dog drink salt water. Too much salt water can lead to diarrhea or even death in extreme cases. You won’t be able to prevent him gulping some while he’s in the water, but make sure he has access to clean, fresh water in his water bowl.
  4. Bring toys for him to play with. There’s nothing better than a game of fetch — even if your dog is kept on a leash. Bring a long leash with you so he can run further than he normally would with a short leash. Frisbee is also an exciting game for any dog at any time on a beach!
  5. Teach the “recall” command. If the beach is an off-leash dog beach, make certain your dog understands the “recall” or “come” command and obeys it without question.
  6. Pick up any messes your dog makes. Be a responsible dog owner and bring poo bags and dispose of them properly.
  7. Know your dog. If he is uncomfortable around strangers and noise and other dogs, he may not enjoy a day at the beach. If he is laid back and loves everyone, then spending time at the beach with you will be enjoyable for everyone. Keep in mind, though, any dog could get upset and could bite — know and understand your dogs’ body language and know when he has had enough and remove him from a potentially dangerous situation.

Enjoy your summer with your furry friend, but do so safely. Protect yourself from dog bites, protect yourself from liability if your dog bites someone and enjoy the beach this summer!

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