How To Celebrate ‘Walk Your Dog Day’ Safely

February 22 is another pet-centric holiday that we hope our readers embrace! How to celebrate Walk Youd Dog Day safely is something we also hope our readers and fellow dog lovers consider when theyHow To Celebrate 'Walk Your Dog Day' Safely snap the leash onto the harness and hit the side walks, beach, wooded path or dog park.

Walking your dog is something that pet parents do on a regular basis. Let’s face it, our dogs need to visit Mother Nature several times a day. If you don’t take your dog for longer walks than those into the backyard to do his business, on February 22 why not make a date with your dog and even with a fellow dog parent or friend and take your dog for a walk!

How To Celebrate ‘Walk Your Dog Day’ Safely

  • Keep your dog leashed. A loose dog is a dog who can quickly come to harm. He could get into a tussle with another dog. He could get struck by a car. He could get lost. Don’t let your dog off leash unless he is in a fenced in area where you’re assured of his safety.
  • Microchip and/or have an up-to-date name tag. When you leave the house your dog, if she’s not microchipped, should wear a color with a visible name tag. Even if your dog is microchipped, if she gets lost the person who finds her may not think to check for a microchip or may not have time to take your dog to a vet or shelter to have her chip scanned. If your dog wears a name take with your current contact information on it, she will have a better chance of being returned to you if she gets off leash.
  • Train your dog to greet strangers. Work with your dog to positively train her to greet strange humans and strange dogs nicely. Teach him to sit at your side when strangers come toward you. Give him treats when he sits nicely and quietly. Make certain you can control your dog if an off-leash dog comes toward you. Your dog may react and try to protect you from what he perceives as a threat and in the midst of breaking up a dog fight you may get bitten. In a perfect world, you won’t come across unleashed and unruly dogs, but let’s face it — you know not everyone is as diligent in keeping their dog leashed as you do.
  • Be a responsible pet parent. When you take your dog for a walk, make certain you pick up his poo! It’s just the polite thing to do and it’s what all responsible pet parents know they need to do.

What will you and your dog do to celebrate National Walk Your Dog Day? 

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