How To Avoid A Dog Bite: Dog Bite Prevention Awareness Week

Did you know: There are close to 90 million dogs living in households in the United States? With that dog bite preventionmany dogs, there is the very real possibility that a dog bite wil happen. Keep in mind that many dogs will never bite anyone, but it is important that every pet parent understand that any dog, of any breed can bite.

Avoid A Dog Bite: Dog Bite Prevention Awareness Week

The first full week of April, 2018 is a time when the National Dog Bite Prevention Coalition and others in the pet industry join forces to educate adults and children about ways in which they can protect themselves, and their beloved dogs, from a dog bite.

Raising awareness of the potential of a dog bite is one way to prevent the incidents from occurring. Be safe. Stay safe. Understand your dog’s body language. Also, understand how to approach a strange dog and how to protect yourself from an off-leash dog.

State Farm Insurance released a list of the top dog-injury related claims, by state for 2017. The states with the most claims are:

  1. California
  2. Illinois
  3. Ohio
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Texas
  6. Michigan
  7. Minnesota
  8. New York
  9. Indiana
  10. Georgia

If you’re a dog owner, regardless of whether you live in one of the states listed above or whether you have a tiny dog or a giant breed dog, protect yourself from potential insurance claims if your dog bites someone by investing in dog bite insurance.

Dog Bite Insurance is an ideal way to protect yourself if there is a claim, but even better is to work to assure your dog doesn’t bite anyone.

To avoid being bitten it’s important that you: 

  1. Learn the warning signs and understand a dog’s body language. Did you know that if a dog yawns, he may not be tired, but instead could be anxious? An anxious dog is one who could potentially bite someone.
  2. Don’t crowd a dog — whether it’s your own dog or a stranger’s dog, give him his space. Let the dog come to you.
  3. Raise your dog humanely. A dog who is raised with love and one who is trained is more likely to be happy, confident and less likely to bite.

Know and understand your dog and how she interacts with strangers. If she’s anxious or nervous, ask them to please not pet her and to just give her some space. In so many instances, if the dog owner had paid more attention to the dog’s body language the dog wouldn’t have bitten. Also, when a dog bites, it is the dog who is blamed when it could have been preventable.

What dog bite prevention tips do you have?

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