Holding a Holiday Party? Make Sure Your Dog is Well-Behaved

Holding a Holiday Party? Make Sure Your Dog is Well-BehavedHosting a holiday party is exciting, but it can also be a stressful experience for your dog. Most pet parents take dog socialization seriously, but a raucous party can worry even the friendliest dogs, emphasizing the need for a Dog Bite policy and proper preparation. Celebrating the holidays with dogs requires certain management to ensure your pup is safe, well-behaved, and happy. It is important your dog is prepared for a large group of people. Learn how to best keep your dog comfortable and well-behaved during this festive season.

Introducing Your Dog

Manage every introduction your dog has and try to avoid a sudden crowd. If you have an overly friendly dog, you’ll want to keep him from jumping and knocking guests over. If your dog is shy, prevent overly friendly humans from making him or her nervous.  Consider keeping your dog separated in another room behind a baby gate until everyone arrives. The new guests can each greet him individually from the other side of the gate to make it less overwhelming and prevent any jumping.

Dogs may be more fearful of those with booming voices than of soft-spoken individuals, and commonly prefer adults over children. Keep a close eye on any kids who are invited to your holiday parties and encourage guests to keep their voices down.

Safe Spaces

Socialization can wear your dog out, even if they’re enjoying the company. Set aside a quiet, familiar space for them to take a breather. This is especially important for dogs that aren’t as social. If your dog is hesitant about large groups of strangers, don’t force him to hang out. Forcing a dog to socialize may lead to a very stressed and fearful dog. Without an escape, aggression may be shown to let everyone know he’s afraid, turning what should be a festive gathering into a painful and stressful experience for you, your dog, and any other people involved.


During the chaos of hosting, do not forget to give your dog some attention. Your guests will surely provide attention, but it’s you they are seeking the most attention from. Take a few minutes out of each hour of the party to show them some love. Knowing that you’re there for him during chaotic moments will significantly reduce his stress. Being in a large group of people can easily overwhelm even the friendliest dog. Showing them you care can go a long way.

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