Helping Your Adopted Dog Adjust to a New Home

Helping Your Adopted Dog Adjust to a New HomeSo, you have adopted a new dog. You’re most likely experiencing all the great feelings of bringing in the new member of the family. Eventually reality hits and you realize that while it is rewarding, this new endeavor comes with an immense load of responsibility. You’re likely seeking ways to help your dog adjust to their new home, and we’re here with the answers to give you peace of mind. In addition to insuring your new friend with Canine Liability Insurance, you can prepare your dog for a safe life with these tips.

Give Them Some Space

Allow them to decompress by not overcrowding them. It may be tempting to smother them with love, but allow them the space to roam around their new house and yard. The new settings can be overwhelming for them, so take it slow and let them explore on their own time and in their own way. It is common for a dog to be standoffish within the first few days of bringing them home, so don’t be concerned if your dog takes a day or two to warm up. Your dog will appreciate you letting them come to you when they are ready and slowing getting to know their new family and surroundings. It’s also important your dog has their own space to go when they’re tired, such as their own bed or crate.

Be Careful When Meeting the Other Pet(s)

If you have any other pets it is crucial that they meet before bring your new dog home. First of all, some animals simply just do not click with one another, and this could lead to huge problems. If the meeting goes well, one popular trick for two dogs is to take them on a walk together. This will create a bond between them and make them feel like a pack. Crate the new dog when reintroducing all pets until their anxieties are gone.

Keep an Eye Out for Stomach Issues

Do not change your dog’s diet too abruptly. Ask the rescue what food they had been eating to keep stomach issues and symptoms such as diarrhea at a minimum. Slowly transitioning between different types and brands of food slowly is always a good idea. Even if you do everything right, be prepared for your dog to have an upset stomach or loss of appetite from all the new stimuli, and do what you can to keep your dog comfortable.

Be Patient

Just like moving into a new home is stressful for us, it is for dogs as well. Keep on open mind and be sure to stay patient with your new dog. If behavior issues arise, don’t hesitate to bring in a positive-reinforcement dog trainer to assist you. It could provide your dog the necessary techniques to be at ease in their new environment.

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