Five Ways To Change A Dog’s Life

Today is Change A Dog’s Life Day and we have come up with five ways to change a dog’s life today and every day but before we do that, here’s some history on the day.make a difference in a dog's life

January 24 is a day to celebrate and to change the life of a dog for the rest of his life — for the better. We do encourage adoption throughout the year, but today we offer ways in which you can change a dog’s life for the better.

Five Ways To Change A Dog’s Life

Foster a dog. If you aren’t ready to make a lifetime commitment to a dog, consider becoming a foster parent for one. Shelters and rescue organizations are typically in dire straits when it comes to finding foster homes for dogs (and cats). Being a foster home to a dog in need will relieve overcrowding at the shelter and will also give the dog a break from the noise, smells and fear she may be experiencing in the shelter. When you foster you can also provide the shelter with indepth information about the dog’s personality, quirks and other traits that may help him find a forever home.

Sponsor a dog. Perhaps you can’t foster because you travel too often or because you already have a houseful of your own pets. Sponsoring a dog means you will help provide financial support for the dog. Choose a dog and shower her with shelter-friendly gifts like a bed or blankets or toys or even special treats and food. Your sponsorship could help pay for vetting. The shelter will appreciate it and you will be making a difference in the life of that one dog.

Become a volunteer. Got a few hours available? Why not volunteer at your local shelter? You could walk dogs. Pet dogs. Cuddle cats and kittens. Scoop litter boxes. You name it, and the shelter will probably have a space for you to volunteer your unique services and talents.

Make a donation. Do you shop and buy in bulk? Ask your local shelter what is on its wish list. Do they need litter, or paper towels or food? Drop off a donation of items they have on their list. You will be their shelter angel!

Share the story of your dog’s adoption. Did you adopt? Get online and share the story of his or her adoption and the difference you have made in his life and the difference she has made in yours. Tag the shelter so people know about them and perhaps they will consider adopting a dog from there after they have read your dog’s story. Does the shelter where you got your dog have a Facebook page or a website where they share adoption pictures? Ask if they will share the story of your dog’s adoption there. Simply spreading the word about adoptable dogs may help others find a new, forever home.

What can you do today — and other days throughout the year — to make a difference in the life of a pet?

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