How To: Find the Best Groomer for your Pup

How To: Find the Best Groomer for your PupTaking your dog to the groomer should be a positive experience. As many dogs require constant or regular grooming, finding the right groomer is ideal. Not only do you want your dog to look great, you want him to feel secure and be less likely to lash out due to insecurity or defensiveness. In addition to protecting you and your dog with the right Canine Liability Insurance, follow these simple tips for scoring the best groomer in town.


Grooming is a messy business! However, that doesn’t mean the place shouldn’t be kempt. Does it smell clean? Are the tools washed and sanitized? Can you see where they do their work? As dogs are already on edge in new environments, it’s best to make sure you find a groomer who can put him and yourself at ease.

Ensure they are experienced.

Since there aren’t very many regulations on groomers and the licenses they need, groomers can often have mixed backgrounds. Lucia Scordamaglia, a 7-year grooming veteran, tells Dogster, “Ideally, look for someone who has been through either an on-the-job, mentor-based training program or a grooming-school program. You should also look for someone who has been out of school or training for at least a year. Most groomers gain the bulk of their expertise by having been on the job for a number of years.”

Are they a true animal lover?

Especially for difficult dogs, a true animal lover is a must. Experienced and loving groomers will make your pup feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit. The last thing any dog wants or needs, especially if they are nervous, is a handler who doesn’t love their job or isn’t gentle in their touch.

Medical training.

Accidents can happen, so find a groomer who has experience in first aid and other medical treatments. Since groomers often see your dog more frequently than the vet, they can point out skin rashes, lumps, behavior changes, and more that could potentially save your dog’s life.

They share the wealth.

Groomers should be willing to share their experience and their knowledge about how to maintain the overall health of your pup. Someone who is interested in your dog’s well-being is a good indicator they are taking great care of your companion while under their care.

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