Dog Bite Liability: Homeowners Insurance not Enough for Some Breeds

Dog Bite Liability Homeowners Insurance not Enough for Some BreedsDog Bite Liability: Homeowners Insurance not Enough for Some Breeds

As many dog owners are aware, there are some homeowners insurance companies that are starting to write their policies with specific exclusions for dog bite liability, based on dog breed alone. Such a policy means that the owner has no coverage for any damages caused by a dog they own, and therefore are held personally liable if there dog should injure a person by biting, or even scratching them. Unfortunately, having one of these breeds can make it more difficult to obtain homeowners insurance at all, or at least an affordable policy.

A Dog Bite Liability Insurance policy from the Federation of Insured Dog Owners (FIDO) will not exclude any breed, as all dogs are capable of biting, whether by accident or otherwise. Purchasing a third-party Dog Bite Liability insurance policy is not only a smart idea for all dog owners, it may also alleviate the difficulties related to obtaining homeowners insurance if you own any of the following breeds.

Pit bull/ Staffordshire terrier A “pit bull” can include either the American pit bull terrier or the American Staffordshire terrier. Although advocates from The Humane Society of the United States feel otherwise, unfortunately these dogs have gotten a reputation for being unpredictable and dangerous.

Doberman pinschers There have been stories in the media over the last few decades of this breed being involved in vicious attacks, and therefore many are weary of the breed. The AKC, however, calls Dobermans affectionate, obedient, and loyal.

Rottweilers Rottweilers are a protective breed. This may be advantageous in many cases, such as making them a good candidate for police or therapy work. However, this is also a reason that some individuals fear the breed and feel that they have the capacity to do harm.

These are just a few of the dog breeds that are unfortunately typically excluded from many homeowners insurance policies. Other breeds include the Chow Chow, Great Danes, Akitas, and German Shepherds. As stated previously, the good news is that if you are a dog owner with an excluded breed, or even if your homeowners insurance simply doesn’t cover dog bite liability, there is a solution. A Dog Bite Liability Insurance Policy from FIDO will financially protect you should a human injury be caused by your dog, even if it’s an accident. Please contact us today to learn more at (855) 534-6495. 

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