Dog Stress & Anxiety Leads To Dog Bites

June 25-July 1, 2018 has been designated Pet Anxiety Awareness Week (PAAW) and was begun by dog stress and dog bites Kristine Levine Pet Living to raise awareness of the fear, anxiety and stress that close to 50% of all days face. Dog stress & anxiety leads to dog bites if the pet parent isn’t aware of the signs.

How can you recognize the signs of dog stress and anxiety?

You first need to know is your dog anxious or stressed? Is he acting in a way that is not typical for him? Is he not eating his meals. Have you noticed him pacing and drooling? Have the neighbors said he barks all day long? Have you come home and found he’s chewed your sofa or your favorite pair of shoes? If you answered yes to any of those, your dog may be suffering stress and anxiety.

Here are some behaviors to pay attention to. Check with your vet if you notice these signs because they could be from stress or anxiety or they could be manifesting because of an underlying health issue your dog is suffering.

Dog Stress & Anxiety Leads To Dog Bites

Signs of stress:

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Digestive issues (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting)
  3. Hiding
  4. Lethargic or sleeping more than usual
  5. Changes in behavior toward other dogs in the house or the humans in the house

Talk with your veterinarian and let him know if there have been changes in the household that could have lead to the change in your dog’s behavior. If you can pinpoint a change that might have prompted his new, anxious, behavior it will be easier to find a way to alleviate it and help him feel better, happier and less stressed.

How can you alleviate your dog’s anxiety? 

  1. Take long walks and tire him out.
  2. Give him space if he needs it to get away when he is feeling anxious. Put his favorite toys and blanket in his safe space.
  3. Make sure he is eating a healthy diet as that will play into his overall health and well-being.
  4. Spent quality time with him just giving him belly rubs.
  5. Leave a television or radio on for him so he isn’t in a silent house. The silence may be leading to his anxiety.

If your dog has started acting out, see what you can do to alleviate stress. Hire a dog sitter or a dog walker. Change your routine in case his anxiety starts when he sees you getting ready to leave for work in the morning.

Even the most mild-mannered of dogs can lash out and bite his humans, strangers or other dogs if he is feeling stress or anxiety. Pay close attention to his body language and remove him from a situation which may lead to a dog bite. Let people know he is not comfortable around strangers and ask them not to pet him.

Your dog relies on you to be his advocate and to protect him in situations that may lead to him biting someone because he is anxious.

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