Solving the “My Landlord Won’t Let Me Have a Dog” Problem

Solving the “My Landlord Won’t Let Me Have a Dog” Problem

Many a dog owner has faced this all-too-common dilemma; they go to rent a house, condo or apartment, only to be turned away because of the breed of their dog, or the fact that they have a dog at all.

Just as homeowners have difficulty buying homeowners insurance policies if they are a dog owner, renters receive the same push-back as well from the insurance companies.  Unfortunately, most landlords (and tenants) are unaware that dog owners now have the option of purchasing dog bite liability insurance.

Dog bite liability insurance from the Federation of Insured Dog Owners (F.I.D.O), known as our “Covered Canine Liability Insurance Policy” is a third-party insurance policy insuring ANY breed of dog. This policy is designed to protect you should your dog’s bite cause bodily injury.

By obtaining this policy, and educating your landlord or potential landlord of the benefits, it is more likely that you will be approved to rent. The most important thing to share with your landlord or potential landlord is that this policy will cover not only you but the landlord as well; included would be  medical costs, defense costs, and indemnity due to a loss related to a the dog bite.

In addition, unlike with homeowners insurance and renter’s insurance, there is no possibility of your dog bite liability insurance being canceled after a claim has been made because the premium is fully earned and cannot be canceled.  Since your landlord won’t have to worry about canceled policies, they may be more willing to rent to you as a dog owner.

As highlighted above, dog bite liability insurance is a win-win situation for landlords and tenants alike. To learn more about F.I.D.O’s Covered Canine Policy and how we can help you, please contact us at (855) 534-6495. 

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