Dog Bite Liability Insurance: What to Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

Dog Bite Liability Insurance What to Do If Your Dog Bites SomeoneDog Bite Liability Insurance: What to Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

Several weeks ago, we published a blog post outlining what to do after a dog bite; it provided answers to general inquires, such as the importance of catching the culprit, when to seek medical attention and how to file a dog bite report. This week we are deviating from advising dog bite victims and aiming our dog bite liability advice towards the owner of the culprit. (sourced from dogbitelaw.com)

Often, a dog owner’s initial reaction is bewilderment, especially when their dog has not displayed any prior aggressive/assertive behaviors. But the reality is all dogs are capable of biting someone regardless of their size or history (albeit, some dog breeds such as, pit bulls and rottweilers have proven to be dangerous). That reason alone is why insurance specialists encourage all dog owners to purchase dog bite liability insurance.

So, what do you if your dog bites someone? How should you proceed in regards to litigation? And what will happen to your dog?

Once you are aware that your dog has bitten someone, take the following steps:

  • Stay calm and approach the victim. Do not speak about placing them, etc.
  • Remove your dog from the situation and place him/her in a confined area.
  • If the victim needs medical attention, immediately send them to the near hospital.
  • Gather contact and insurance information from the victim and vice versa.
  • Obtain information from witnesses.
  • Obtain your dog’s medical records.
  • In regards to litigation and what happens to your dog;
  • Research or ask your insurance company about your state and city’s dog bite liability laws and statutes.
  • Most likely, you will be asked to show your dog’s rabies vaccination history.
  • What happens to your dog depends on your state statutes and your specific incident.
  • Your dog may be quarantined for a few days.
  • If the attack is brutal and causes severe injuries, local authority may confine your dog.
  • In some states such as California and North Carolina, the Court will either declare your dog “potentially dangerous” or “vicious.”

F.I.D.O., the Federation of Insured Dog Owners, Inc., now offers the Covered Canine Policy, an exclusive product and benefit for F.I.D.O. members only. This dog bite liability insurance policy is available in California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin. It will protect you should your dog bite an individual and cause harm. It does not exclude any breed of dog and starts as low as $75 per dog, per year.

Source: http://dogbitelaw.com/legal-rights-of-dog-bite-victims-in-usa/what-will-happen-to-the-dog.html

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