Debunking the Pit Bull Myth: Alan & Titan’s Story

Out of all of the dog breeds, fewer get a more unfair rap than pit bulls. In spite of their large size and intimidating appearance these dogs are playful, loyal, and sweet, and are more likely to enjoy a long walk or a rousing game of fetch than aggressively attack another dog or human. Don’t believe us? Here’s a story about one of our clients, Alan, and his loyal pit bull Titan.

Alan and Titan walked the same path every day, and while they occasionally saw a snake or other wildlife, they had never seen anything like they would that particular evening. Titan was enjoying exploring all of the glorious smells along the walk, and there was no indication that there was a six-foot rattlesnake hiding in the bushes.

To Alan’s surprise, Titan suddenly lunged forward, causing Alan to fall backwards. When he looked up, he saw that Titan had taken the strike, defending him from the rattlesnake.  Alan had to pull Titan away, and in spite of his heroic efforts to save him, Titan unfortunately succumbed to the bite and passed just days later.

Many insurance companies exclude pit bulls and other similar breeds from their canine insurance policies, claiming that they are aggressive and more likely to cause dog bite claims. At Dog Bite Quote, we offer Canine Liability Insurance coverage to all dog breeds, and have found that many of the myths about “aggressive breeds” are just that – myths. No dog is inherently dangerous, but every owner should have the option to protect themselves and their dogs.

As a beautiful, healthy, four-year-old pit bull, you might have been intimidated if you’d seen Titan on his walk that evening, but even though he was supposedly “born dangerous” he was the perfect insured canine. He never injured any animals or people, and was a loving, loyal companion to Alan in his four years of life. Though their house is quiet now, Alan will save another dog, and he knows that you can’t judge a dog by its breed.

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Debunking the Pit Bull Myth: Alan & Titan's Story, 3.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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