Cost Saving Tips on Owning a Dog

Cost Saving Tips on Owning a Dog

image15Owning a dog is costly, from purchasing toys, food and medical care; the numbers start to add up. However, like with any big purchase, there are various ways you can save costs.

The key to owning a pet on a budget is preventative care. But unlike investing in a home or car, rationing on costs is precarious. Do some research and decipher which costs saving tips are applicable to your budget without compromising your dog’s health.

Shop Around– Do some thorough research and ask for quotes. Keep in mind that the price tag alone should not control your choices. Important factors such as services provided and location should be accounted for when comparing quotes. For example, one veterinarian may cost less because it only provides surgery, while another veterinarian may cost more because it offers surgery and post-operative pain relief. Refer to “How to Find the Right Veterinarian,” when you’re shopping around!

Exams– Don’t compromise your dog’s long term health by dodging yearly exams. Although it’s aren’t budget friendly, it may end up saving you thousands of dollars. Vaccinations, heartworm testing, and dental evaluations reduce the risk of health problems and yearly exams detect health problems early. Don’t be blind sighted by the costs, practice preventative care!

At Home Care– It’s common for owners to utilize search engines to diagnose their dogs. Relying on search engines is problematic and often leads to misdiagnoses. While it does save you costs in medical care, it puts your dog at risk.

Spray or Neuter– Spraying or neutering saves you money by preventing diseases that are fatal or require invasive surgery. These diseases include breast cancer, pyometra, testicular cancer and prostate disease.

Avoid Smoking– Secondhand smoke is as harmful to pets as it is to humans. Smoking around your dog may cause asthma, bronchitis, lymphoma and oral, nasal and lung cancer.

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth– Routinely clean your dog’s teeth and gums to prevent dental diseases such as tartar, gingivitis and loose or infected teeth.

High-Quality Food– Purchasing high-quality food doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the package with the biggest price tag. Next time you are shopping for dog food, take a look at the ingredients and ensure that it includes a nutritional balance between carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Preventing Obesity– Cut down on dog treats and hike your nearest dog friendly trail; overfeeding and lack of exercise causes diabetes, joint damage and cardiac problems.

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