Common Canine Liability Legal Claims

Common Canine Liability Legal ClaimsDog bite liability has been a hot topic in our blog posts; however the claims that we see are not just from bites, though that is often the costliest of legal claims. Claims can come from a person that is injured from tripping over your dog, being scratched, or from owners of other dogs who are injured by yours. According to the CDC, thousands of people every year trip over their dogs or cats and suffer broken bones or other nonfatal fall injuries.

While you may never dream of one of your friends or family members suing over an injury such as this, the fact is that when pressures arise from medical bills, the injured party may look for someone to hold responsible; which is why Canine Liability Insurance coverage is essential. Issues also arise when your dog injures a stranger or another dog at the dog park.

According to a CDC report, most fall injuries serious enough for a treatment in emergency rooms are caused by pets; whether it’s from tripping over the animal or being knocked over when the dog jumps on them. The report notes that the suspected numbers for falls caused by pets could even be underestimated, and many people don’t seek medical treatment immediately after injuring themselves in accidents involving pets.

Aside from advising people to take care of their actions around your dog, what can you do as a pet owner to reduce the risk of injury? It starts with proper obedience training; jumping is a habit that must be nipped in the bud when they are a puppy. Pet trainers also often recommend never stepping over an animal, citing that this will teach the animal they don’t need to move to accommodate people.

Our Canine Liability Policy does, in fact, cover injuries to people including scratches, bites, or causing them to fall; injuries to other animals are also included. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 534-6495.


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