Making Your Home Safe and Comfortable for Your DogIt is important that your dog feels safe and comfortable at the place they call home. Their comfort will make a huge difference when it comes to their behavior. As the homeowner, there are a few actions you can take that are known to help maintain your dog’s safety and comfort at home. Whether you’re looking to ensure that your … [more]

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5 Good Reasons to Get Outside and Play with your PupAs any dog owner knows, pups love to get outside. Even though it may be hard to find the time to spend time outdoors, the days are slowly becoming longer, providing more sunlight for such activities. Further, there are numerous benefits of playing outside with your canine companion including improving their health and reducing your Dog Owner Liability. Here … [more]

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Introducing Pets to Newborn BabiesIn order to properly prepare your pooch for your new arrival, there are certain steps that should be taken. Slowly introducing items and creating boundaries will benefit the entire household in the long run. In turn, your dog will be eased into the process and it will reduce your Canine Liability as both a pet and human parent.

Introduce Baby [more]

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What Can You Expect From a Dog Bite InvestigationIn a perfect world, no dog owner would need to know what to expect during a dog bite investigation. However, unfortunately dog bites can and do happen, in even the most unsuspecting situations. Let’s say you are one of these owners whose dog has bitten or injured someone who reports the incident.  Keep in mind that if their bite is … [more]

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Could Your Attitude Enable Your Dog's Bad BehaviorLate last year, we discussed the effect that human body language could potentially have on your Dog Bite Liability Risks. We observed how actions such as prolonged eye contact, direct body motion, or even the position of your head and neck when approaching your dog could all play a role in either provoking or preventing a dog bite. Dogs see … [more]

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Socializing Can Help Prevent Dog Bites at CA Group OutingsOver 600 Corgis and their owners hit the beach in Southern California on April 13th, 2015 for the annual So Cal Corgi Beach Day. What originally began as a simple meet-up group for local owners of the quirky-cute little pups with big personalities, has grown into one of the largest community events among dog owners. The spring … [more]

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The Nose Knows Answers to Pressing Dog Nose QuestionsThe Nose Knows: Answers to Pressing Dog Nose Questions

Any canine owner is likely aware of just how powerful a dog’s nose is; dogs are used for numerous jobs because of their strong smeller. Bloodhounds are often used as scent detection dogs for search and rescue work, beagles are used to track down a hunter’s kill, Labradors and schnauzers have … [more]

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Breed Spotlight: The Bloodhound

Most popular for their extremely powerful sense of smell, the Bloodhound has been described as a “kind, patient, noble, and mild-mannered breed.” Bloodhounds are good-natured and due to this make great family pets. That being said, they can also be stubborn, so they need firm obedience training. Due to their strong sense of smell … [more]

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Dog Bite Liability The Benefits of Taking Your Dog to WorkDog Bite Liability: The Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work

Have you ever wanted to take your dog with you to work? Or maybe you are one of the lucky few who already do work in a dog-friendly office. Of course, employers have a lot to consider when determining if they should allow this, including dog bite liability and … [more]

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