Dog Bite Liability Breaking up a DogfightDog Bite Liability: Breaking up a Dogfight

Recently, we received a claim at F.I.D.O regarding a dog bite that resulted from a house guest breaking up a dogfight. Unfortunately, this is a rather common way for people to get bit. They sometimes mistakenly believe that their own dog, or even a friend’s dog, will not bite them. Quite often though, … [more]

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Preventing DogfightsPreventing Dogfights

For many owners that have multiple dogs, little scuffles here and there are natural. However, it’s important to understand what behavior is playful, and what dog-to-dog aggression is. Knowing this will reduce the chances of you, a family member, or a guest suffering from a dog bite.

The first step towards preventing dogfights in your home is to … [more]

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