Behaviorist Seeks to Relieve Canine Anxiety

Behaviorist Seeks to Relieve Canine AnxietyInternationally certified dog behavior consultant Lisa Matthews is making efforts toward reducing canine anxiety and stress related behaviors. Her expertise is working with anxiety-ridden pups to prevent them from lashing out and to manage their emotions with the help of their owners. However, while these techniques may improve your dog’s behavior tenfold, it is not guaranteed that they will not bite. Therefore, it is important to maintain Canine Liability Insurance.

Dogster states that as a behavior consultant, Matthews will help solve dog behavioral problems by working in conjunction with local veterinarians to form a more holistic team approach, taking into consideration the dog’s medical history and environment and daily interactions, and the goals and needs of their caretakers.

In order to identify these behaviors, Matthews says to keep an eye out for excessive paw licking, whining or yawning. A dog who exhibits these behaviors likely indicates stress and can be potentially mislabeled for any ensuing actions if provoked.

Matthews explains, “Many people do not recognize the signs of anxiety in dogs. This leads to many dogs being punished for the way they attempt to deal with their emotions. People believe that these dogs are able to control themselves and are merely choosing not to obey.”

Even worse, owners who don’t completely understand the emotions of their pets may believe they are acting out of spite. However, they are simply misunderstood.

If your pet displays any of the above mentioned behaviors regularly, it may be time to consult with a behavior specialist to determine what your pooch needs in order to be successful and relaxed.

In her mission, and with other experts like her, she strives to rehabilitate dogs and keep them out of shelters and prevent them being incorrectly labeled as “dangerous.”

In addition to financially protecting dog owners from dog bite claims, our Canine Liability Policy also covers other injuries to people, including scratches or causing them to fall. Injuries to other animals are also included. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 534-6495.

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