Avoiding Hidden Dog Park Dangers

Avoiding Hidden Dog Park DangersGoing to the dog park is often your pet’s favorite part of any car trip. With so many potential new friends, fresh air, and an outlet for their energy, it’s hard to find the pitfalls of such parks. However, apart from the obvious dangers of dog fights and socializing with unknown dogs in large quantities, there are some hidden dangers lurking at the surface, as well. From parasite-ridden feces to the threat of heatstroke, read on to keep your dog safe at the park. In addition, reduce your dog owner liability by obtaining a Canine Liability Insurance policy to protect both you and your four-legged friend, regardless of breed or size.


Parvovirus is a huge concern for dogs, especially during the summer. In addition to the deadly parvovirus, your pet can be exposed to rabies and parasites from dog waste. The good news is that vaccinated dogs are protected from the worst of these conditions.

Fleas and ticks.

Skin itching, irritation, inflammation, and Lyme disease are caused by these pesky critters. With so many dogs at the park, it’s more likely for your pet to encounter an infected dog. Therefore, invest in quality flea and tick medication to prevent infestation.

Internal parasites.

Heartworm medication should be taken year-round, but that won’t always stop other intestinal parasites from affecting your dog. According to Dogvills, think about it this way: a dog park is wide open, aside from one fence. You can’t really keep squirrels, mice, birds, and other animals from hanging out there. One of the best ways to avoid parasites is to keep an eye on your dog and keep him from eating waste. Keep an eye out if it’s a bigger park, as you don’t want him attempting to sneak an unbecoming treat without your knowledge. Further, do your part in reducing the spread of disease by cleaning up after your pet.

Heat stroke.

Be sure to provide plenty of water for your dog, especially if the park doesn’t offer any. This is a simple issue to avoid, so be sure to pick a park with some shade and plenty of water to allow your pet to cool down thoroughly, especially during the warmer months.

Dog parks present more dangers than just the obvious dog quarrel. Heed this advice to ensure your pet is protected against these other common yet underrated risks associated with dog parks.

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