Does my homeowner’s insurance coverage protect me if my dog bites someone?” It’s a question I get does homeowners insurance cover dog bitesasked all the time. People will call the office to inquire about dog bite insurance or to receive a dog bite insurance quote and the conversation inevitably turns toward whether, or how much, a homeowner’s insurance policy will protect someone.

National [more]

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best breed for your familySpring is in the air and it’s the time of year when many family’s thoughts turn toward, “We should get a puppy!” That’s great and there are so many puppies and older dogs who are looking for their forever homes and forever families!

Before you rush out and get the first dog or puppy that you see, though, please take … [more]

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Did you know: There are close to 90 million dogs living in households in the United States? With that dog bite preventionmany dogs, there is the very real possibility that a dog bite wil happen. Keep in mind that many dogs will never bite anyone, but it is important that every pet parent understand that any dog, of any breed can bite.… [more]

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easter pet safetyEaster Sunday and April Fool’s Day are fast approaching — both on Sunday, April 1. Easter typically is a time for hiding and finding brightly-colored and dyed Easter eggs, Sunday finery and a time for friends and family to gather for a meal together.

We want everyone to have a safe, happy and dog-bite free Easter Sunday and that is … [more]

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Puppies, like children, like to put things into their mouths; sometimes those “things” are your body partsteach puppy not to bite — fingers, legs, feet, etc. While you may think it is “cute” that your puppy bites and nips when he is playing, if he isn’t trained in the proper way to express himself, you may grow up with an adult dog who continues [more]

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