Adopt A Shelter Dog Month: Tips For Getting Your Family Dog

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, so designated by the American Humane Association and the ASPCA. Adopting a shelter dog is an ideal situation for many families any time of the year, but October is adopt a shelter doga month to highlight both the plight of shelter dogs and the joy a shelter dog will bring to your life.

If you and your family are considering expanding your family with a dog, have you considered looking at the local shelter? It may surprise you to realize there are dogs of many breeds — from purebred to mutt — and many sizes — from tiny to large breed. Short-hair and long-hair dogs, puppies and seniors and anything, and everything in between can be found at a shelter.

When you’re looking to adopt a shelter dog you may have an idea of the type of dog you want to bring into your family.

  1. A dog who is active
  2. A dog who is a couch potato
  3. A dog who won’t shed
  4. A dog who loves to travel
  5. A dog who is family friendly
  6. A senior
  7. A puppy
  8. A breed known for being friendly
  9. A watch dog
  10. A dog who has reached his last chance
  11. A dog who melts your heart when you see him/her

It’s best to consider adoption when you know what your lifestyle is and then find a dog who can fit into that. For example, if you work away from home and your dog will be home alone much of the day, you may be better suited to an older dog, or a dog who is more of a couch potato than one who is active and needs mental stimulation all day. That being said… there are many toys and even dog-centric programming that can entertain even the most high energy dog while you’re not home with him.

Ask the history of the dog you’re considering adopting. Spend time with her on a walk or in a room the shelter has set aside for potential pet parents looking to adopt. It’s best to not adopt a dog on a whim. The dog you adopt should be considered a lifetime commitment — for better or worse, in sickness and in health.

Some shelters will allow you to foster a dog to see if he will be a good fit. It’s best to try this, if possible, to see how the dog fits into your family and your lifestyle. Don’t be too hasty to judge the dog on his behavior if you’re just bringing him home for the weekend. He may not adjust to being out of the shelter and being in a loving home for a longer period of time. You need to have patience with him while he adjusts.

Take your newly adopted dog for training classes. This is a way to help the two of you bond and to socialize im in a setting that isn’t in a shelter setting.

People who have adopted shelter dogs say they believe their dogs know their lives were saved and lavish love on their rescuers. Are you looking to change a dog’s life? Consider adopting a dog during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

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