A Dog Owner’s Guide to Beach Safety

A Dog Owner’s Guide to Beach Safety

image13We celebrated Daylight Light Savings this past Sunday; while many spent the day grieving about losing an hour of sleep, dog lovers spent it embracing the sun that shines across Florida’s beautiful beaches. They contentedly gathered their beach towels, sunscreen, and leashes and left for the shore.

Although the beach is fun for both the owner and dog, the beach has a plethora of risks. The important thing is to educate yourself on the following safety tips;

Salt water- The problem with salt water is that when a dog ingests it in large quantities they may experience beach diarrhea. Although it’s caused by a dog who drank salt water, there are many avenues in which this can happen. Be cautious and keep an eye on where your dog goes and what they eat. Remember that catching a tennis ball drenched in salt water produces the same effects. Always bring a bottle of fresh water.

Keep them covered- Try to bring a tent or some form of shade to keep your dog safe. We aren’t the only one susceptible to heatstroke; dogs can also fall victim to heatstroke. Consider bringing sunscreen, fresh water, towels and a tent for shade. Take your dog to the vet if the following symptoms occur: excessively panting/drooling, vomiting and loss of coordination.

The Recall Command- Most beaches that allow dogs off a leash have provisions of your dog obeying the recall command. Follow the Rules: Avoid any drawbacks such as a citation or fine. This can be done by simply abiding the beach rules. Next week, we will focus on dog friendly Florida beaches and its rules/guidelines.

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